Melksham Station is served by TransWilts on a single-track section of the line. The station survived the Beeching closure but with a minimal residual platform facility. Since the introduction of the TransWilts service in 2015 passenger numbers at Melksham have grown from 11,000 per annum in 2010/2011 to 75,000pa. The platform length has been upgraded for longer train use. With a community population of 30,867 we expect a substantial growth in passenger usage of up to 450,000 by 2026.

The issues and solutions

The station has been without any facilities. It’s not a welcoming area for passengers. It’s located on an unlit industrial site. Grants awarded in 2016 were used for funding a Station Masterplan. The Depot site opposite the platform became vacant. And TransWilts worked with Wiltshire Council on leasing the site.

Further community grants covered initial costs, legal fees and planning permission. Funding was sufficient by 2019/20 to cover construction costs. Sponsorship by Knorr-Bremse underpinned operating costs in the first 3 years making the 2020 plan a reality.

The outcome

The new Melksham Hub now provides an attractive, safer and more welcoming area for passengers and local users. A café and toilet facility were passenger priorities in station surveys. So they have been key to the plan. The Hub also provide volunteering opportunities; strengthening the link with the local community. Electric vehicle charging will encourage electric car users to visit the station and use the train. Car park lighting and CCTV will reduce the current antisocial activities particularly in the evenings.

The Melksham Hub operates on a non-profit making basis. We do not expect the Hub to breakeven until year three. But we are required to provide a long-term sustainable operation. Car parking income is fundamental to the business plan. Any surplus in the future will be used for improvements and the Melksham community.

We are registered for VAT and pay Wiltshire Council a commercial lease cost plus business rates.

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Our TransWilts website describes what a Community Rail Partnership does.
For more information contact Sophie Martin our Community Rail Officer or telephone 07379 175055.


  • Kitchen fit out complete – 31st January 2021
  • Café manager recruitment commences – early January 2021
  • Volunteers to clear site and paint building – January-March 2021
  • Volunteer Zoom Meeting – Thursday 4th February 2021
  • Café manager in post – mid February 2021 job training
  • Volunteer training commences – early March 2021
  • Soft launch date – 29th March 2021
  • Target Official Launch– Saturday 1st May 2021